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3 Tips for Fall Color on a North Georgia Trip

November 15th, 2017

3 Tips for Fall Color on a North Georgia Trip

It is our first autumn living in the southeast. Georgia to be specific. Coming from California we really only knew two seasons, and depending on where you lived the two could have various names.

Hot / Not Hot
Dry / Wet
Fire / Not Fire
Shakey / Still

The only leaves we saw change were the few maple trees the city planted along our street.

There are places in California where fall can be seen on display. Places like Hope Valley, where people flock to see the aspens turn gold in October, or Yosemite. For the most part though, California is not a mecca for viewing fall color.

Not being familiar with Georgia, I went online to find the best places to see fall color in Georgia. What I found is that it would mean gazing into the eyes of a dragon. Dragon Eyes is two loops of state highways which make up a beautiful drive through a national forest.

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